Vaping has been known to be less harmful despite having nicotine compared to cigarettes. Worldwide, health regulators and organizations recognize this.

However, during the National Non-Smoking Week, the Canadian government considered implementing a reduction of 70 percent in the maximum nicotine content in vape products.

This makes vaping less effective in making adult smokers depart from their legal cigarettes because, to do so, vape products should have an included nicotine level that gives the same satisfaction as cigarettes.

This proposal concerns Canadian citizens because it would make vaping less effective in achieving its harm reduction goal, especially when cigarette sales are increasing again. The maximum level of nicotine limits was based on scientific evidence back in 2018.

Hence, the vaping sector has produced a wide range of products that would cater to adult smokers transitioning to vaping. In contrast, it has a lesser risk compared to traditional smoking.

If the proposed restrictions were pushed through, lots of available vape products would be removed from the Canadian market, which would affect smokers in staying and coming back to legal cigarettes.

This happened in Nova Scotia back in 2018 after the nicotine cap and flavor ban implementation. Almost half of the regulated vape shops closed, and hundreds of jobs were lost.

This is the negative effect that Canada should anticipate once the regulations are implemented.

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