A 70 percent reduction in vaping products’ maximum nicotine content has been proposed by Health Canada, by which thousands of Canadians responded.

They stated that this is the wrong approach in addressing smoking as well as vaping in the country.

Vaping is less harmful and has a lesser risk compared to smoking. It helps many Canadians in reducing their risk of getting long-term illnesses related to smoking.

People believe that the sudden reduction and significant decrease in the nicotine levels of vapes will also reduce the efficiency of vaping as a substitute for tobacco smoking.

This will also threaten and jeopardize Canada’s goal of reducing rates of smoking in 2035.

A lot of evidence was stated by Canadians, such as in the review from Public Health England, which compares Nicotine Replacement Therapy to vaping. This review found out that vaping reduces and discourages smoking twice as effectively as the NRT of England.

Furthermore, they also stated that vaping is less harmful and a tool that effectively deviates adult smokers from smoking and uses other methods instead.

Another incidence was in Nova Scotia, wherein a 20 mg nicotine cap was combined with the flavor ban.

Statistics of cigarette sales states that local retailers showed a significant increase in legal cigarettes after the implementation compared to other nearby provinces.

This is a frightening situation, for it can be repeated once the reduction is implemented.

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