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Nova Scotia: Banning of Vape Flavors Increases Smoking

Data released by the government of Nova Scotia reveals the effect of banning flavors in vaping products, and it shows that it leads to an increase in smoking in the province.
This data is timely especially that Health Canada is trying to consider the same proposal of banning flavors in vape products.
So, it is important for Health Canada to acknowledge the effect of their proposal, which is pushing vapers back to smoking or preventing smokers from switching to vaping.
Nova Scotia shows that their cigarette consumption increased by 5.6 percent from the year 2020 to 2021 after they banned all flavoring products last …


Canada’s New Regulation: Makes Harder to Quit Smoking

Canada is proposing a new regulation about the full federal banning of flavored products for vaping, which is one of the main reasons cigarette smokers turn to vape. Using vape has a lesser risk than cigarettes.
Banning the flavored products that vapers use is like pushing citizens to go back to smoking.
This situation is similar to when San Francisco implemented, back in 2018, a flavor ban to control vape usage in youth. However, this regulation is a total failure for it does not achieve its goal but instead doubled the rate of youth smoking cigarettes after reducing it constantly for several years.
Another Canadian …


Not the Right Approach: Canadians are telling Health Authorities

A 70 percent reduction in vaping products’ maximum nicotine content has been proposed by Health Canada, by which thousands of Canadians responded.
They stated that this is the wrong approach in addressing smoking as well as vaping in the country.
Vaping is less harmful and has a lesser risk compared to smoking. It helps many Canadians in reducing their risk of getting long-term illnesses related to smoking.
People believe that the sudden reduction and significant decrease in the nicotine levels of vapes will also reduce the efficiency of vaping as a substitute for tobacco smoking.
This will also threaten …


Canadian Authorities Makes Less Riskier Products Less Effective

Vaping has been known to be less harmful despite having nicotine compared to cigarettes. Worldwide, health regulators and organizations recognize this.
However, during the National Non-Smoking Week, the Canadian government considered implementing a reduction of 70 percent in the maximum nicotine content in vape products.
This makes vaping less effective in making adult smokers depart from their legal cigarettes because, to do so, vape products should have an included nicotine level that gives the same satisfaction as cigarettes.
This proposal concerns Canadian citizens because it would make vaping less effective in …


Reopening Ontario Act 2020: Prevention of Covid-19 in Specialty Vape Stores

The Ministry of Health has issued a notice for all Ontario vape shops. This was effective immediately last February, and the notice included the prohibition of electronic cigarette use for the sole purpose of trying a vapor product sold in Specialty Vape stores.
This prevention is done as a precautionary approach based on health experts’ opinions and research which states that transmission of Covid-19 can happen via aerosols, which is generated by using vape products, especially when a person is near someone vaping and is Covid-19 positive.
The vapor exhaled also contains droplets which can be the reason for the disease…