Canada is proposing a new regulation about the full federal banning of flavored products for vaping, which is one of the main reasons cigarette smokers turn to vape. Using vape has a lesser risk than cigarettes.

Banning the flavored products that vapers use is like pushing citizens to go back to smoking.

This situation is similar to when San Francisco implemented, back in 2018, a flavor ban to control vape usage in youth. However, this regulation is a total failure for it does not achieve its goal but instead doubled the rate of youth smoking cigarettes after reducing it constantly for several years.

Another Canadian province, Nova Scotia, implemented the same regulation in 2019 with the same set of goals. The end result is that cigarette retailers had reported a sudden and significant increase in cigarette sales after years of declining.

Banning flavored vapes only gives a little help in restricting youth to vaping. Still, the impact of this ‘little help’ is worse, especially for legal adults, because it will turn them back to smoking cigarettes again. The goal of this new regulation is the opposite of the goal of vape which is to assist smokers in consuming 95% less harmful content.

Many people have believed that to address the youth vaping problem, a regulation targeted to youth should be made instead of removing and banning an efficient product and a lesser risk than smoking.

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