The Ministry of Health has issued a notice for all Ontario vape shops. This was effective immediately last February, and the notice included the prohibition of electronic cigarette use for the sole purpose of trying a vapor product sold in Specialty Vape stores.

This prevention is done as a precautionary approach based on health experts’ opinions and research which states that transmission of Covid-19 can happen via aerosols, which is generated by using vape products, especially when a person is near someone vaping and is Covid-19 positive.

The vapor exhaled also contains droplets which can be the reason for the disease transmission.

Hence, the safe distance recommended is 2 meters from people who vape outside to lessen the risk, which is impossible to have in vape stores.

Health experts believe that these regulatory changes will help in preventing the spread of the disease.

Also, smokers and vapers are at higher risk of complications and serious illness when contracted by Covid-19. As we all know, tobacco and cannabis affect the lungs, which makes it easier to contract illnesses related to the lungs.

Despite banning the use of electronic cigarettes, all specialty vape stores are still expected and are allowed to operate amidst Covid-19; however, they must meet and follow the requirements for Specialty Vape Stores stated in the Smoke-Free Ontario Act of 2017.

Furthermore, they must also follow the ministry policies and other laws, such as the regulatory amendments described above.

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