Vaping has become increasingly popular since it was first introduced in the UK in 2007. However, people often misunderstand vapes and their nicotine delivery system due to their close resemblance to cigarette smoking. Like cigarettes, vapes can satisfy users’ oral fixation and nicotine cravings by allowing them to bring something close to their mouths. However, when it comes to vaping, there are a lot of factors you need to consider as this company for example if you want to start vaping. With that said, this article will discuss everything you need to know about these devices, so you can start vaping.

What’s Your Lifestyle? – Choosing the Right Vape for You

Your current lifestyle is considered one of the most crucial factors when choosing the most suitable vaping device for you.

Choosing the Right Vape for You

For instance, if you like to be more active and engage in activities like hiking and traveling a lot, you may want to go for a compact and smaller pod-style device. Likewise, the size might not be as much of a concern when you’re less active or on the move.

Considering your current lifestyle can help you choose the best device and enjoy vaping as soon as possible. With that said, most vape users start with a simple cigarette-like device. These were almost the same weight and size as a standard cigarette.

Likewise, these can produce the same amount of vapor as a traditional cigarette. They were also effortless to use since they’re designed specifically for beginners.

However, these were still a hit with users who prefer something hassle-free and low-maintenance.

How to Vape 101

So, how do you vape properly? Here are the basic steps to doing so:

Get your starter kit.

All vaping tools are designed for one job: produce a smoke-like vapor from a nicotine e-liquid to mimic the process of smoking a cigarette.

Vape starter kits are classified into two main categories: (1) open systems, which have bigger batteries, many removable and customizable parts, and manually refilled e-liquids; and (2) closed systems, which are a lot more cigarette-like and have pre-filled systems. It’s generally more recommended for beginners to start with closed systems due to easy usage.

Choose the right nicotine strength.

To successfully transition from traditional smoking to vaping, it’s recommended that you try the strongest level of nicotine strength you can get from refills or vape pods. Doing so will ensure that you experience that “throat hit” you enjoyed from smoking cigarettes.

However, if you think it’s too strong for you, it might be better to buy something with a lower strength instead. Just keep in mind that switching over to vaping from cigarettes might not be as satisfying if you start with a low dose.

Pick the right flavor.

For the flavor, it’s best to choose a brand with a wide range of flavors when picking your vaping kit. For example, you can try different menthol and tobacco flavor. However, if you prefer something new, trying that fruity-kind of dessert flavor can be a good choice.


Not everyone has the same preferences, even when it comes to their smoking habits, which can also apply to vaping. However, if you’re unsure of what you like or don’t like when vaping, you can experiment with the different flavors available and nicotine strength until you find something you like.

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