Over the years, it has been proven that cigarette smoking is dangerous to health. In fact, it has been associated as one of the main causes of severe illness. As a result, campaigns to ban smoking or reduce its use are launched all over the world. This is where Intelligent Cigarettes come in.

Intelligent Cigarettes’ mandate is to help reduce the rate of smoking and prevent youth from accessing vape products. This is the same goal that public health authorities set, and Intelligent Cigarettes ensures that we will support and help achieve the said goal.

We aim to counteract the use of tobacco products by providing statistics, evidence, and policy solutions regarding the industry that has become one of the most leading causes of preventable mortality nowadays.

We also partner with several electronic cigarette stores to promote shifting from tobacco to electronic cigarette use for a better quality of life and reduce the risk of illness that may be obtained from continuous use of tobacco.

Our organization promises to be impartial and neutral to provide and deliver you the best judgment when it comes to policies, benefits, and risks that may be obtained between tobacco as well as in electronic cigarettes.