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Advanced Vaping Guides

What You Should Know to Vape Properly

Vaping has become increasingly popular since it was first introduced in the UK in 2007. However, people often misunderstand vapes and their nicotine delivery system due to their close resemblance to cigarette smoking. Like cigarettes, vapes can satisfy users’ oral fixation and nicotine cravings by allowing them to bring something close to their mouths. However, …


Canada’s New Regulation: Makes Harder to Quit Smoking

Canada is proposing a new regulation about the full federal banning of flavored products for vaping, which is one of the main reasons cigarette smokers turn to vape. Using vape has a lesser risk than cigarettes. Banning the flavored products that vapers use is like pushing citizens to go back to smoking. This situation is …

Beginner's Guides

Pregnancy and the Use of E-Cigs

There are a lot of reasons why women should quit smoking, especially when pregnant. However, should pregnant women switch to the use of vaping instead of cigarettes? Here are some of the objections that experts say regarding encouraging women to switch from cigarettes to vape. Smoking can cause cot death, underweight, miscarriages, and other congenital …


Not the Right Approach: Canadians are telling Health Authorities

A 70 percent reduction in vaping products’ maximum nicotine content has been proposed by Health Canada, by which thousands of Canadians responded. They stated that this is the wrong approach in addressing smoking as well as vaping in the country. Vaping is less harmful and has a lesser risk compared to smoking. It helps many …


Canadian Authorities Makes Less Riskier Products Less Effective

Vaping has been known to be less harmful despite having nicotine compared to cigarettes. Worldwide, health regulators and organizations recognize this. However, during the National Non-Smoking Week, the Canadian government considered implementing a reduction of 70 percent in the maximum nicotine content in vape products. This makes vaping less effective in making adult smokers depart …