Vape or e-cigarettes is a very simple process that uses electricity to heat a coil. It heats liquid until it vaporizes and will be exhaled, just like in smoking.

Most e-cigarettes have three parts which are the chamber, battery, and coil. This is the set-up of e-cigarettes. However, it has several generational devices.

First Generation: The almost similar size of cigarettes and they have low voltage thus, limited experience use. These products are mostly disposable because it is sealed, or you will need a new fresh cartridge when there is no left e-liquid.

Second Generation: This generation of e-cigarettes has already sealed its power supplies and can be recharged. The voltage can also be fixed, while some have variability for the taste. Most vape starter kits are in the form of 2nd generation devices because of its low price. Smokers can try vaping first before building a more sophisticated model.

Third Generation: The third generation introduces the variation of voltage or wattage while having a tank that is refillable. Users can also have their own coil built so they can choose which ones work best for them. Based on research, this generation is the most successful when it comes to smoking cessation support.

Now that you know the different e-cigarette generations, you can now choose which you think is best for you and will cater to your needs.

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