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ECOpure 30ml


ECOpure e-liquid can be used to refill your refill capsules, XL tank capsules or XL clearomisers.


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We are the world’s number 1 supplier of E-Liquid.

Our ECOpure E-Liquid for electronic cigarettes is manufactured and stringently tested in our UK laboratory

ECOpure e-liquid from Intellicig can be used to self-fill your e-cig refill capsules, XL tank capsules or Clearomisers to deliver even greater cost-savings. Just check using our Savings Calculator!

We offer the e-liquid in a range of flavours most popular with smokers.

    ECOpure Regular has a classic tobacco flavour which has been formulated to reproduce the taste and texture of our prefilled refills whilst maintaining its natural pure taste.

    ECOpure Rich has been produced for those requiring a fuller, more rounded tobacco taste for a truly satisfying 'smoking' experience.

    ECOpure Menthol has a delightful, distinctive and refreshing flavour. It is clean and pure with a cool, minty taste.

ECOpure is manufactured in the UK using only pharmaceutical and food grade products purchased in the UK.

The ECOpure e-liquid has been kept simple due to the requests from customers for a clean, pure liquid whose contents they can trust.

ECOpure contains no Propylene Glycol and uses the fewest possible ingredients.

ECOpure is available in range of flavours, strengths & sizes so you can select exactly what you need.

The more ECOpure E-Liquid you buy, the more cost-effective it becomes.

Use the drop down menu to select your preferred ECOpure e-liquid flavour and strength.

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  • ECOpure E-liquid Manufactured & produced in the UK
Mohamed 10th June 2014
Best Quality I've tried a lot but there was a great difference when I used ECOpure 3% rich
Mary 3rd June 2014
Definitely the Best! Like others I have tried several different brands of liquid, but ECOpure stands out as by far the best for flavour and value - now I wouldn't but anything else!
Marek 3rd June 2014
Excellent I have used ECOpure since 2009. I think, that does not need better recommendation.
Clive 3rd June 2014
Simply The Best ECOpure is the best e-liquid I have used and I've tried a few. It has a perfectly balanced sweet/bitterness with a good tobacco taste, but without the nasty smells. It is the one liquid sufficiently pleasant and satisfying enough for me.
Peter 3rd June 2014
Regular I have been vaping 4 years. This year only Regular 4.5%, works great for me.
Alexander 3rd June 2014
Great Product I have been using ECOpure for about a year now and the menthol flavour is refreshing and life affirming.. My e-cigarette never fails to grab attention in public and is a great conversation starter.
Paul 24th March 2014
Good Value, Great Product I changed over to this product and wouldn't use anything else "Why" my wife hates the smell of smoke from cigarettes as she has never approved of smoking, with E-liquid there's no smell and no complaints.
Fiona 21st March 2014
Good Taste I like the ECOpure liquid better than any of the others I have tried, including flavoured fluids which I found far too sweet. I trust the brand and would not change.
Derek 10th March 2014
Like To Know What I'm Getting Have been on ECOpure for two months - prefer regular to rich but both satisfying. Good to be confident what I am vaping is only pharmaceutical and food grade products.
Bogdan-Victor 10th March 2014
The Best E-liquid Ever! I always use the liquids from intellicig.com. The BEST e-liquid I've ever used! I love all the ecopure liquids, specially ECOpure Rich. I love it!
Robert 7th March 2014
ECOpure This is the best e-liquid on the market and I have used many other brands. It's clean and made in the UK.
Tim 7th March 2014
Cost Effective We have been using the fluid since the beginning of the year. Our average cost per day is now 15 pence per day. Used to spend £7 plus a day on cigarettes. It is now just 15p a day. Over £2000.00 will be saved this year. I would not have been able to do this not having tried this product; it meets and exceeds all my needs.
Paul 7th March 2014
Smooth Great tasting and the ECOpure experience is the best I have tried. Produced in the UK means quality.
John 7th March 2014
Wouldn't use anything else Great product, but would be good if available from local shops and not just from the internet.
Masami 7th March 2014
Excellent! I already use ECOpure for about two years. Since there is no strange sweet taste and there is also no strange feature, it is nice to inhale. I use regularly from now on.
Martin 6th March 2014
Favourite juice Since trying it a few months ago, ECOpure has become my preference in e-liquids. I'd tried many different juices beforehand and this one by far exceeds any others notably for its clean taste, great throat hit, and the fact it's manufactured in a lab here in the UK. Recommended!
Peter 6th March 2014
All Good Very pure tasting, good to know its made in the UK
Carol 6th March 2014
ECOpure This liquid is fab it lasts for ages and really gives that "hit" that you look for. Great confidence in this liquid and in the supplier!!! First class
Charlotte 6th March 2014
Great Taste & Hit This is by far the best e liquid I have tasted and I've tried a few. This is the only one I will buy from now on the rich is my preferred choice. It doesn't leave an awful aroma in the house either like other brands do. A 30ml bottle goes a long way too. Excellent.
Alan 6th March 2014
Value For Money I have tried many other cheaper liquids, but always come back to ECOpure e-liquid as it is the best.
Richard 6th March 2014
Pure & Simple Have been on e-cigs for almost two years now and have tried other liquids a couple of times. ECOpure is the best one I've tried, which is why I use it all the time now. It actually feels pure, unlike other brands.
Christine 6th March 2014
Rich Flavour Multi-buy options give me a great rich taste whilst keeping me rich in pocket.
Lucy 6th March 2014
Best liquid ever! Its by far the best liquid I have used. Service is also very good. Thank you
Lola 6th March 2014
Won't change it for any other I have been buying the Rich 1.5ml for my dad for over 2 years. This e-liquid is excellent and he won't change it for any other e-liquid since it is convenient to use and economically wise.
Peter 6th March 2014
Great product, Great Taste Great product - I like the taste, I have tired other kinds but I'm not into artificial taste, especially when it feels really artificial. So I'll stick to Intellicigs e-liquid.
Mandy 6th March 2014
ECO Best! 30ml is even better value! Great taste, use it in my new XL, I recommend it to all my friends and family, so much better, cheaper & healthier, what more could you ask for :-)
Eleanor 6th March 2014
Good Stuff I have tried cheaper liquids that are on the market but keep going back to ECOpure. I use menthol and it is the only one which does not leave an after taste. I have recommended it to friends who are now of the same opinion.
Norrie 6th March 2014
The Best Tried a few liquids since vaping but ECOpure is the best, its a clean pure flavour and far superior than any other liquid-its tested and trusted as well which is more than you can say for many that sell liquids - would recommended to everyone.
Tom 6th March 2014
Best E-liquid By Far Have been using ECOpure since I made the switch over to e-cigarettes and after trying a few others I insist that this is the best available. Good taste and vapour and available in a variety of strengths, I'm particularly fond of low, rich! being able to buy 30ml is great value and even better with a multi buy deal.
Linda 28th February 2014
Best Liquid This is the best Liquid I've ever had -not like others I have tried. It has a great taste too.
Jennifer 8th January 2014
Excellent Product I have been using this product for some time now its excellent flavour and feel confident as it is produced in the UK.
Donna 19th November 2013
Good Product I love the e-liquid as it is cost-effective and is easy to use.
Alex 14th November 2013
Nice Taste Much better than using tobacco :)
James 11th November 2013
Great! The menthol flavour is amazing! It tastes so fresh and its easy to refill although a little time consuming. However it does save you a pretty penny and it lasts for ages, I've switched to Intellicig!
Grant 7th November 2013
Change in liquid I've used all sorts of liquid over the last few months until I got hold of some of the ECOpure today, I tried it and it has a great flavour. You also know exactly what you are getting!
Michael 2nd November 2013
Lovely texture Nice and smooth!

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