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Intellicig Blog

  • Intellicig XC Competition Winner

    The winner of our Intellicig XC kit is Fiona Grant! Congratulations, we’ll email you shortly about how to claim your prize. We hope you enjoy your Intellicig XC! A HUGE thank you to everyone who entered, we will be hosting another competition shortly! Continue reading →

  • New Intellicig Website

    You might have noticed a few changes to the Intellicig website recently. We’ve had a makeover! We thought it was time for bit of a refresh and decided to update the look and layout of the site. There are still a few changes to be made to the website and these will be happening over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled. Continue reading →

  • 8 questions to ask about e-cigarettes

    With the number of e-cigarette users in the UK approaching one million, Intellicig has compiled new guidance to help smokers make informed decisions about the electronic alternative. To tie in with National No Smoking Day on Wednesday March 13th, Intellicig, maker of the UK’s safest e-cigarettes, has listed eight vital questions that smokers should bear in mind if they are thinking of swapping tobacco for the reduced-harm nicotine inhalation devices. Continue reading →

  • E-Cig Cartomiser and Express Kit Launched

    Intellicig’s latest UK launch of disposable cartomisers is designed to add another even more convenient option for UK smokers considering making the switch from ‘smoking to vaping’. It’s also an industry first in the UK. Electronic Cigarette Cartomisers combine both the vapourising device and the e-liquid to be vapourised in a single self-contained unit. Intellicig’s launch of the Cartomiser 5 Pack and the Cartomiser Express Kit is an ‘industry first’ – marking the first time that ECOpure e-liquid has been available in a disposable cartomiser unit in the UK. Continue reading →

  • Electronic Cigarette Research

    Intellicig has been at the forefront of electronic cigarette research for over 3 years. In conducting blood trials to determine product safety, Intellicig remains a flagship for research. Intellicig employs an in-house Phlebotomist to assist in trials of this nature. Intellicig has worked with a leading laboratory in the UK to determine the levels of nicotine delivered from the Intellicig to the user. These trials are essential as a method of ensuring the consumer is not put at risk from excessive nicotine levels. Continue reading →

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