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  • Purchased about 2 months ago. Using the ecopure Rich 3.0% excellent vapour and pleasant taste....

    By LG on the 31st August 2014

  • Very neat and stylish especially not having a plastic mouth piece, good hit of nicotine too would recommend it ...

    By Sue on the 30th August 2014

  • At last after many attempts I have found something that is reliable, easy to use and it actually works.The XL Pro gives a decent variable amount of vapor and is cost effective. Battery life is excell...

    By Martin on the 29th August 2014

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are the intelligent choice.

E-cigarettes are battery powered vaping devices. The term vaping comes from the vapourising process which takes place inside the device. The atomiser inside the electronic cigarette heats up the e-liquid until it reaches the correct temperature to turn into a vapour that can then be inhaled. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco and are not affected by the UK smoking ban.

The physical action of using an e-cigarette is similar to smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette; you inhale the vapourised e-liquid and then exhale the vapour. The water vapour released has an appearance similar to smoke but the coloured LED light on the end of Intellicig products glows when in use so people can see it is an e-cigarette and not a tobacco cigarette. The vapour does not cause any discolouration or staining like tobacco smoke.

At Intellicig we offer disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes. All of our e-cigarettes contain ECOpure e-liquid one of the cleanest and purest e-liquids available. Our ECOpure is manufactured and rigorously tested in our Manchester laboratory. We invest in the very latest e-cigarette technology to offer you the best vaping experience. Electronic cigarettes offer a cheaper alternative to smoking and can be legally used indoors.