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Starter Vapour Device


The Intellicig Starter Vapour Device is part of our Intellicig Starter Kit; our three section Electronic Cigarette that replicates vapour & throat hit with impressive accuracy. Now available for only £19.99, with 10 free Refill Capsules.


When attached to your Starter Battery & used with ECOpure Refill Capsules, the Starter Vapour Device is heated & vaporisers the ECOpure E-liquid which in turn creates the impressive vapour & throat hit you receive each and every time you use your Intellicig.

It’s worth noting that the Starter Vapour Device is a consumable part which will need replacing after a period time, how long depends on care & use. You’ll still receive our own warranty of 30 days against failure under normal circumstances.

We have a wide range of accessories available for you Intellicig Starter Kit, Including batteries, vapour devices, chargers & carry cases.

The Intellicig Starter Vapour Device is compatible with your Intellicig Starter Kit, Starter Vapour Device & Starter Battery Charger.

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  • 1 x Starter Vapour Device
Jeff 4th November 2014
Wonderful Just want to say thank you once again for the wonderful service.
Jeff 17th March 2014
Good I use only Intellicig e-cigs & have used numerous vapour devices and they each last about 9 months.
Adam 26th January 2014
New Record Just thought I would write a review to say I have managed to break the current record of 13 months daily use. I have been using the same one, (my first one) since the start of November 12. I have only this month replaced my vapour device, (not due to it being faulty I must add), but because I have replaced all my items, batteries etc due to general wear and tear of daily use for 14 months. Happy to say I am an advocate of Intellicig over other products due to them being a UK Manufacturer and the discreet nature of their electronic cigarette, compared with other models you see on the market. Fully recommend all products. 14 months non-real smoker!!

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