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Starter Battery Charger


The Intellicig Starter Battery Charger is part of our Intellicig Starter Kit; our three section Electronic Cigarette that replicates vapour & throat hit with impressive accuracy. Now available for only £19.99, with 10 free Refill Capsules.


Each battery is capable of 8 to 10 hours of continuous use, once fully discharged it will require to be recharged for 3 hours. You can recharge your battery with the Starter Battery Charger which can be charged from almost any USB outlet including our Mains Charger & Car USB Adaptor.

We have a wide range of accessories available for you Intellicig Starter Kit, Including batteries, vapour devices, chargers & carry cases.

The Intellicig Starter Battery Charger is compatible with your Intellicig Starter Kit, Starter Vapour Device & Starter Battery Charger.

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leyla 12th February 2013
Charges at work! This is fab for charging on the go for me, as I font always have access to a free plug socket. Just stick it in my PC whilst at work! Another excellent addition to my collection of E-Cig goodies.
Scott 8th February 2013
Great design These are well made and are strong enough to take a lot of abuse. I have had one for over a year and it shows no signs of wear yet.
Sharon 1st November 2012
Perfect Little Chargers These are perfect little chargers that allow you to charge your intellicig battery from many different devices i.e. computer, car adapter or mains adapter. They are also of the usual brilliant build quality you can expect from intellicig and last a lifetime.
Stacy 1st November 2012
Handy usb charger this little usb charger is so small and versatile it would be silly not to have one. this usb charger can fit into any usb adapter for any reason. i had an in car charger that i plugged into the car lighter in my vehicle in case of a charging emergency and it was so helpful.
Isabelle 1st November 2012
dream usb charger having used other ecigs this is by far the fasted uSb charger ive used on the market love how the cig light goes out when fully charged Another top product from intellicig
Mark T 1st November 2012
Safe and reliable for confidence I received intellicig usb charger with the starter kit I ordered and find it perfect for the job. I can carry it around with me in my pocket so if out and about I am assured I will be able to recharge my intellicig battery. Most places have usb devices in them like laptops and pc's so its great. You don't have to carry a large mains charger around although intellicig sell those as well if you need one. The usb charger is simple to use. screw your battery into it and plug it into a usb socket. The light will show red until the battery is charged, then the light will turn bright green. Your ready to go again.... great!
Jacob 1st November 2012
Great for charging on the move Very reliable charger, keep it in a tin with my intellicig, have used it for months, still working fine, is surprisingly sturdy considering its size, i was worried as it feels fragile, but it has been used many many times and is still fine, would recommend giving it a clean every now and then, to ensure it always works fine. great product
Jennifer 1st November 2012
Charger Very good product. Small just slip in my pocket to recharge when I am at work
Mark 1st November 2012
Fantastic. Such a good little device. Just plug in and charge. I love the flexibility and build quality. Plus it has fast charge speed aswell. Another class a product. Keep it up Intellicig.
David 1st November 2012
Great charger Use this mostly with the plug adaptor, charges in good time, in constant use for over a year now.

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