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Intellicig Disposable


The only disposable Electronic Cigarette containing ECOpure E-Liquid, manufactured in the UK using pharmacopoeia-grade nicotine.

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The Intellicig Disposable Electronic Cigarette, is the only disposable filled with ECOpure E-Liquid and uses the latest Cartomiser II technology. Fully charged, the disposable Intellicig e-cig is ready to use and can last up to 350 inhalations, equivalent to 35 regular tobacco cigarettes. It offer ultimate flexibility with no need for chargers and spare refills.

It allows new users to try the Intellicig and ECOpure experience at a low purchase price.

Use the drop down menu to select your flavour, Regular, Rich or Menthol.

Contains 3.0% nicotine content.

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  • Contains ECOpure®
  • Great To Try - No Parts
  • Up To 350 Inhalations
  • Available In Three Flavours
Tom 3rd June 2014
Life Changing After trying a dozen different makes of ecigs I was really struggling until I came across Intellicig! It's been 2 months now and all I can say is its an absolutely amazing product. Has to be the best on the market and excellent customer support. Don't waste your time trying anything else :)
John 3rd June 2014
Superior By far, the most superior disposable cigarette I've had to date. This has proven invaluable, thank you Intellicig for this product. Fantastic! Easy! Great taste!
L Knowles 21st March 2014
Great Price This product is such a great deal for such a low price!
Karina 3rd March 2013
Exactly like a cigarrete I bought one of these to try and I really like it. It feels and tastes like a regular cigarette but with the super advantage of NOT having the smell and, obviously, being less harmfull for my body! I have an ex-smoker husband and a child to look after but giving up is so hard! No more going outside for a smoke, no more smelling breath, clothes, hair!!! Great product! #loveit#
Sara 12th February 2013
excellent product Read about this on the sky news service and thought Id look into it more. Very reassured that it was UK made and tested hby Manchester Uni. Really good product. Have now bought the starter kit. Very impressed.
Abi 7th November 2012
Great Product I bought Intellicig disposable cig and fell in love with it for the price, taste, flavors’ & design of the product! Just ordered a Starter Pack (Menthol 0 mg Nico), hopefully by the end quit this growing bad habit.
Will 1st November 2012
Bonnie needs Buttons ! iv tried everything but recommend intellicig more than any other company.
Lousie 1st November 2012
:) I Love this ,Tastes just like a cigerette - no hassle of recharging filling up with oil perfect for a night out excellent product
Liam 1st November 2012
Pretty good Pretty good, but not as good as the starter... Bought this as i'm sick an tired of smoking. It gets me down when i'm sitting here coughing my guts up over a little white stick, so I decided to try something new and I found this is in my local shop. At first I was hesitant and didn't think much of it but then I realised I had gone 2 days without a smoke (I normally smoke 15 a day). Then came the point when it ran out on me so I had no choice but to revert back to the cigarettes. A couple of days later I bought the Starter Pack from this website and haven't smoked since! Try this, if it works, buy the starter pack!
Jack 1st November 2012
Amazing This is a hassle free way to quit, all it is a metal tube which looks like a really cigarette, not only that it tastes good. I'm thinking about getting a starter park.
Martin 1st November 2012
Top got me started bought one of these from my local garage and since then have come back to intellicig for starter kit and now just got summer bundle witch was best deal yet
Evelyn 1st November 2012
Ideal gift... Good little item to share with a friend who has not discovered the e-cigarette experience. I saw a cheap 'other brand' at local garage, but will stick with Intellicig, a brand I trust, with second to none information and support. Slip one in car or handbag for 'emergencies'.
Emma 1st November 2012
Awesome! Been trying to give up for weeks with nicotine replacement stuff to no avail! This is great, I've just ordered the starter pack and I plan to buy the 0% content one after that to kick the habit for good :)

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