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  1. Battery This long part of the Intellicig, powers the vapour device.

  2. Car Charger A battery charger that you simply plug into your car's cigarette lighter socket. *Note that a standard USB charger is still required with this item.

  3. Carry Case A soft case that you can carry your Intellicig and spare refill capsules in.

  4. Cartridges You may see this word across the World Wide Web. It refers to Electronic Cigarette Refill Cartridges, Intellicig refer to them as Refill Capsules.

  5. Disposable Electronic Cigarette Similar in looks and actions to a standard Intellicig Electronic Cigarette but with a bigger eliquid capacity. The battery is not rechargeable.

  6. Double Up A special twin pack of items bought within our store. For example: a twin set of batteries or two vapour Devices.

  7. Dropper Bottle Used for storing ECOpure E-Liquid.

  8. E-Cig A shorter word for Electronic Cigarette.

  9. E-Cigarette Another shorter word for Electronic Cigarette.

  10. Ecopure Intellicig's own brand of E-Liquid, manufactured in the UK to medical standard.

  11. Electric Cigarette Alternative word for An Electronic Cigarette.

  12. Electronic Cigarette An electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, is an electrical device that simulates the act of tobacco smoking by producing an inhaled vapor creating the physical sensation of a traditional cigarette, but without odor and harm to those around the user.

  13. Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit A baseline package containing a single rechargeable battery, single vaporiser, USB charger, 5 ECOpure refill capsules and user instructions.

  14. E-liquid A solution which may or may not contain nicotine & used in electric cigarette refill capsules.

  15. Empty Refill Capsules Containing no E-liquid & used for refilling with ECOpure. Please note all refill capsules can be refilled with ECOpure.

  16. First Timer A special electronic cigarette kit package for first time users comprising additional battery, vaporsier, wall charger adapter and refill capsules.

  17. Foiled Sealed All Intellicig refill capsules are foiled sealed to ensure quality standards and full flavour satisfaction.

  18. Help Desk Intellicig's online and telephone support system for our customers.

  19. HPLC High-performance liquid chromatography (sometimes referred to as high-pressure liquid chromatography), HPLC, is a chromatographic technique used to separate a mixture of compounds with the purpose of identifying, quantifying and purifying the individual components of the mixture tested.

  20. IMCC This stands for 'Intellicig Mobile Charging Case' a cigarette packet sized unit containing a battery which allows for a spare battery to be charged and spare refill capsules to be carried.

  21. Intellicig Plan A subscription service for your refill capsules.

  22. Lanyard A lanyard is a carrying device for your Intellicig and is worn around the neck.

  23. Made in the UK All ECOpure Refill capsules and E-liquids are manufactured by Intellicig in the UK.

  24. Mains Charger A device to charge your Intellicig Battery through a standard wall socket. *Please note a USB charger is still required with a mains charger.

  25. Menthol Flavour ECOPure liquids and capsules are available in menthol. Intellicig use only pharmaceutical grade menthol in ECOpure.

  26. MHRA The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is the UK government agency which is responsible for regulating medicines and medical devices.

  27. mg How Intellicig measures the nicotine strength within ECOpure refill capsules.

  28. ml The amount of ECOpure E-Liquid contained within a dropper bottle. 10ml bottles and 30ml bottles are available.

  29. Nicotine An alkaloid (a nitrogen-containing chemical) made by the tobacco plant or produced synthetically.

  30. Nicotine Strength Refers to how much nicotine is contained.

  31. Paypal PayPal is a global e-commerce business platform allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to paying with traditional paper methods, such as cheques and money orders.

  32. R&D Research & Development of the Intellicig Electronic Cigarette and ECOpure E-Liquid.

  33. Referral Program Spreading the word of Intellicig to earn reward points to spend in the Intellicig online store.

  34. Refill Capsules Looking like a cigarette filter, they are placed onto the vaporiser and contain ECOpure E-liquid.

  35. Regular Flavour Intellicig's standard ECOpure liquid, producing only a nicotine flavour.

  36. Reward Points When an order is placed, points are automatically generated to spend within Intellicig's online store.

  37. Rich Flavour A sweet tobacco flavoured ECOpure e-liquid.

  38. RMA Returns to Manufacturer Authorization- a customer's personal return number which enables tracking of any returned items or exchanges. A customer must submit a RMA before returning any item back to Intellicig, either from your Intellicig account or by telephone.

  39. Stockist Retail outlets who sell Intellicig products.

  40. The Intellicig Plan A monthly subscription service for your Electronic cigarette refill capsules.

  41. USB Charger A device for charging your Intellicig battery through any USB port on a computer or laptop.

  42. Vaping The act of using an Electronic Cigarette.

  43. Vapour The smoke effect that the Electronic Cigarette produces. The vapour mimics cigarette smoke.

  44. Vapour Device The component between the battery and the Refill Capsule that heats and vaporises the eliquid.

  45. VG Glycerol, often referred to as Vegetable Glycol, used as a base for our ECOpure E-liquid and refill capsules.

  46. Wholesale Buy in bulk and sell on to third parties.