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Intellicig Reviews

What our Customers Say

At Intellicig we love hearing what you think about our electronic cigarette products.

We believe in customer satisfaction and are 100% committed to providing quality products, that you the customer enjoy using.

Your comments make all of our hard work and commitment worthwhile. If you have a review or any comments about your favourite Intellicig then we would love to hear from you. You can drop us an email at info@intellicig.com or head over to our Facebook or twitter pages and leave us a comment.

  1. S. Sweeney, Liverpool

    Ive only had my EVO for 4 Days and It's changed my life. Sorry for the cliche but its true. I used to smoke 20+ Superking cigarettes a day. On Saturday morning I received my evolution and I smoked 2 normal cigs all day! And that was mainly to compare the taste to my new e-cig. I preferred my new evo to both of those cigs! On Sunday I smoked 1 superking and that was to satisfy my 'curiosity'...... I didnt really WANT it and I stubbed it out early because it tasted like S**T! Monday, I didn't feel like smoking any 'normal' cigs so I didnt! Same story on Tuesday!!! Today is only Wednesday but I still haven't fancied a SMOKE... not one bit. I don't miss it at all! Why? Well already I can breathe without wheezing or coughing! I have asthma and it already is improving! My clothes dont stink of tobacco smoke any more and I'm already saving money.... I now prefer the taste and feeling of vaping rather than smoking. I can now 'smoke' or 'vape' ANYWHERE I WANT. I generally feel cleaner, healthier, HAPPIER. I could go on all day.But I won't. I decided on the EVOlution after reading a number of e-cig forums and watching dozens of e-cig video reviews. Every review rated it highly and after a quick check I found it was well within my budget. I ordered it on the 18th March and it arrived on the 21st! So Far it's been great. It produces plenty of vapour ('smoke') and even gives me a nice"throat hit" feeling. The batteries seem to last a decent amount of time... Same with the cartridges, which are also easy to fill or replace. So far, so good! I've emailed intellicig a few times, before and after receiving the evo, and I've received quick friendly replies every time. So as far as delivery, and customer service are concerened, Intellicig have been spot-on so far, can't fault them! All in all I am one very happy 'vaper'.... I can't believe that after just a few days I no longer consider myself a 'smoker'.... It feels strange, but good, to be able to say "I DON'T SMOKE". 10/10 from me... THANK YOU.

  2. Lynn

    Thank you for your good wishes - I wish you all a very merry Xmas too. Extremely pleased with the service I have received over the past few months and would like to say that the evolution e-cig is brilliant - very realistic - dont think I could have given up smoking without it! Looking forward to any new products that you introduce - will be interesting to see how you can improve on such a good product. Best Wishes.

  3. Petrina

    The concept of the Intellicig is brilliant. The ordering is very straight-forward with fast delivery. What I really like is the fact that the cigarette really resembles the "real thing" but without all the thousands of highly carcinogenic chemicals. I can now visit non-smoking friends without being banned to the garden. Having smoked about a packet of menthol cigarettes per day for many years ruining both health and wallet the Intellicig was an immediate success with me; looks good, tastes good and by God it does you good. Now I occasionally have an urge for a cigarette but usually find this so disgusting I cannot wait to stub it out. I find that quitting is so much easier even though Intellicig IS NOT MARKETED FOR THIS PURPOSE. It works for me because I can do so at my pace, no pressure and no fiddling with a white plastic "dummy" which does not resemble a cigarette. Well Done Intellicig - 5 Gold Stars

  4. Craig, X-Tobacco Addict!!! (well I hope ).

    I've been out partying and took your new intellicig with me! Wow, your menthol are amazing, all night I've been puffing on the darn thing, no urge for a roll up all night and it tastes as fresh and minty as the moment I took it out the wrapper! I have promised myself a blow-out over Christmas as I bought a load of duty free rolling tobacco last holiday, but this is the first time I have ever made a promise to quit as a new years resolution and actually believed it possible, as an ex-tobacco-smoker I'm sure you understand ;-) I never thought I would actually look forward to the day I start giving up the deadly weed! If you can maintain this quality in your product and service in your company, my friend, I know you have a big future ahead of you with IntelliCig Evolution, and more importantly you are going to save and prolong many lives. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and look forward to a tobacco free 2009! Many kind regards, have a great Christmas & happy new year, I'm buying 4 more tomorrow as Christmas presents for family and friends who smoke, especially my mum as she is recovering from non-hodgkinson lymphoma (Lymphatic Cancer). The futures bright, the futures IntelliCig!!!!

  5. Andy – West Yorkshire

    Have just received my new e-cig, the EVOlution today (the day after I ordered!) and have been blown away...absolutely brilliant! I had big reservations about moving to the new design because I was so happy with the original intellicig, but it is a better ‘smoke’ in so many ways. The design is a little thinner and longer than the original intellicig making it more closely resemble a king-sized cigarette. It seems to smoke much more like a real cigarette with *much* more vapour produced, and best of all, the cartridges seem to last much longer. All in all, I am very impressed with this new product and would recommend it to both new e-smokers and anyone thinking of upgrading, you will not regret it!! I also have to mention how pleased I am with the customer service at intellicig. It is so rare these days for a company to value their customers in the way that intellicig does. 10/10 for the EVOlution and 10/10 for customer service. Thanks guys!

  6. Pauline, New Malden, Surrey

    Intellicig as a company is also brilliant and their Customer Service is second to none. They are a pleasure to deal with. They are honest and fair and competitive on price. They are reliable, the deliveries are prompt and the guarantees are genuine. I'd feel confident recommending them to anyone.

  7. Petrina

    Good Evening, I am really thrilled with my Intellicig. Intellicig lives up to its promises 100% and now there are some fun flavours to try. My package arrived this morning and I could not believe how amazingly realistic the cigarette looks and smokes, Stunning. This was an excellent transaction from start to finish. This is so exciting because with a little effort I really think that it will help me to kick the damaging tobacco habit and I am sure that my overworked lungs will wish to pass on their immense appreciation. I have already recommended the Intellicig to a couple of people. Thank you again very much indeed, brillant product and fantastic service.

  8. Sonya, Lincs

    After doing many hours of research on the internet I found this website. I have received my starter pack today and I am very pleased. I normally smoke about 30 cigarettes a day and with this very clever substitute I have only had 4 today. It satisfies any craving for a cigarette and in fact more than a normal cigarette does. I have spoke to the company today who have fantastic customer services. I am now sorting out my next order :-). Would highly recommend ++++

  9. Glenys, Leicester

    A fantastic product, I can now enjoy going for a night out again without having to stand out doors. Excellent service, fast delivery and reasonable p & p. What more can you ask for?

  10. Rod

    I have been a heavy smoker all my life, and I have tried all sorts to give up, needless to say I have failed so for me this is last chance saloon. I have no doubt having tried your product it is the best way to improve your health and save money, yet at the same time get the pleasure that smokers crave for. I would advise smokers to try this product; ok there are slight differences between the real thing and this product, texture to the touch, less smoke/Vapour to inhale and the taste is not quite the same, hence this is why I will try Menthol, in fact just placed my order for Menthol. Should I succeed or fail, this product is a winner, the web site is honest and covers 99% what you need to know, the staff I phoned was helpful, unlike a lot of web sites, so yes buy with confidence.

  11. Howard

    I’ve had my Intellicig for two weeks now and am absolutely delighted with it. 35 years of pipe-smoking - just a memory now. This is cleaner, simpler and, in my view, a much healthier option. Thank you – and also thanks for your excellent customer service and superfast delivery. I have been singing the Intellicig’s praises on one of the forums – got to spread the good word!

  12. Chris, W. Yorkshire

    Wow what service, many thanks, received the vapourizer in the post today. Works 100% better. You deserve a medal for your customer service, can`t say that about many people these days. Once again many thanks, a pleasure doing business with you. I will recommend you to everyone. Look forward to doing more business with you.

  13. Oliver, Durham

    Just wanted to say thanks for your fantastic product. Everywhere I go people ask about it and all say they would stop buying cigarettes if they had one, as I have done. Just put my 3rd order through for another starter pack for another friend and several more are on the way.... perhaps I should be on commision? ha. Perhaps you could pay me in refill cartridges! Thanks again and look forward to doing business with you again soon.

  14. Kirk, Warwickshire

    IntelliCig are by far the best company out there for quality of electronic cigarettes and service, although I wish IntelliCig had made it more obvious on their home Page or during the order process that the default LED colour is Blue! I've tried plastic nicotine inhalers from Boots and thought they were great, except I felt a bit of an idiot sucking on a small piece of white plastic. The electronic cigarette seems to have conquered this, with a replication of smoke and a glowing RED end! I can understand the novelty of winding bar staff up etc can soon wear off and get annoying when people are constantly trying to throw you out of their premises, so I think it's a good idea that they sell a battery with a Blue LED to symbolise no burning element. Just watch out for this when purchasing and make sure you choose your required colour! I decided to buy the starter kit including a spare battery, so I ended up with two Blue cigarettes, when I was expecting them to be Red! I complained and IntelliCig offered to swap them straight away at no extra cost! After taking their advice on board, I only swapped one of them, so I have the best of both worlds now. The customer service is brilliant! I was also slightly un-impressed when there was no sign of vapour leaving my mouth. Vapour only came out if I didn't inhale anything! However, after some more use of the product, the Vapour Device worked a treat, so give it some time. I find it takes a couple of "blasts" each time you use it, to work to its full extent, similar to a real cigarette! Overall, I'm more than happy with my product and have surprisingly taken a liking to the Menthol cartridges, as they are much easier to tell when the cartridge is running out! I wouldn't consider smoking menthol cigarettes, as they're too smooth. I like the feel of the smoke going down my throat and the Menthol cartridges still do that! They also look no different from the regular cartridges. Hope this review is of some help to people considering a purchase.

  15. Philip, Telford

    Received this day after ordering, build quality is outstanding. getting spare as well.

  16. Chris, Preston

    I can honestly say I have never had customer service/relations this good!!!

  17. Allison, Tyne & Wear

    I just wanted to advise you that I received my third order today successfully and would like to thank you

  18. Vivien, London

    The order arrived today, I am very impressed with the product and I shall definitely be ordering from you again

  19. Richard, West Yorkshire

    Tried several other alternatives to smoking tobacco, this one IS working. Within 3 days I have gone from 20 cigs a day to between 3-5 a day. It makes it so easy to know that if I want a proper cig I can have one, although the urge for proper cigs is definitely going. Superb product and very prompt delivery

  20. Antonio, Rome

    MOLTO GRAZIE!!!! now in Roma i smoke in all places!