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We have a wide selection of affordable electronic cigarette accessories designed to work alongside our Intellicig devices.

We offer a range of rechargeable batteries manufactured to give you the longest possible vaping experience before having to re-charge. We have a number of chargers to choose from including a USB charger perfect for use at work and our mains adapter ideal for travel.

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Electronic Cigarette Accessories

Accessories and spare components designed by Intellicig for Intellicig Electronic Cigarettes

At Intellicig we have everything you need to start your electronic cigarette journey, from rechargeable devices to e-cigarette accessories. We offer a complete electronic cigarette experience. All of our quality accessories are designed to work alongside Intellicig e-cigarettes. We have a range of long-lasting batteries, which all feature a clever 10 second cut-off feature, which prevents your device from overheating.

We believe in giving you the freedom to vape whenever you want. Our batteries are designed to give you the longest possible vaping time before having to recharge. When you do need to recharge your Intellicig battery we have a number of different chargers to make it as easy and convenient as possible. We have a USB charger which lets you recharge your Intellicig battery through any USB port, perfect for use in the office or at home.

We stock a mains USB adapter so you can charge your battery through any mains plug. You can use our mains adapter to charge other electronic devices that require a USB to charge. Ideal for travel, you can take just one charger for multiple items. The mains adapter comes in three different formats for use in the UK, EU and USA. We also offer a car USB adapter for charging on the go. Our accessories are designed to be used with Intellicig products.