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XL Classic Pack


The Intellicig XL Classic Kit, including two Clearomiser's which produces additional vapour & an improved hit...

The XL Classic Pack features a superior, longer-lasting battery and additional ECOpure refill liquid capacity of 2.4ml – allowing you to vape even longer without interruption.

It also contains one of our latest innovations; XL Clearomiser - which produce additional vapour & an improved hit, as well as a stylish & attractive design

In The Pack
- 1 x ECOpure E-liquid 10ml (Regular 3%)
- 1 x XL Classic Battery
- 2 x XL Clearomisers
- 1 x XL USB Charger

The XL Clearomiser Kit comes with Regular 3.0% ECOpure E-liquid as standard

The Intellicig Experience should be a natural and comfortable transition to the intelligent alternative. Take it at your own pace and allow time to adjust to the slightly different technique and flavour.

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  • 1 x ECOpure E-Liquid 10ml
  • 1 x XL Classic Battery
  • 2 x XL Clearomisers
  • 1 x XL USB Charger
Peters 3rd June 2014
Fantastic The battery lasts all day before it needs charged & the tank holds enough liquid for the day & I'm constantly puffing on mine. I have no hesitation in recommending the XL Classic to anyone.
Jeff 24th March 2014
Get One Not a bad thing to say about the XL its brilliant, good throat hit and oodles of vapour. Well done Intellicig you've cracked it with this one.
Stephen 23rd March 2014
Life Changer I decided to give the XL Clearomiser a go after a friend recommended it. The product is amazing, I would without hesitation recommend the XL Clearomiser to anybody wanting to save money. It’s a cliché I know, but this really has changed mine and my family’s lives. My work colleges are all intrigued about XL Clearomiser, and I have got a couple to give it go.
Alice 22nd March 2014
Best E Cig All Intellicig products are first class and produced in the UK so they can be trusted. I like to know where my products come from.
Jon 22nd March 2014
Great! I got the Christmas kit at the beginning of the year and haven't looked back! I was using cartomisers but this refillable ecigarette is much better! Highly recommended!
Nikki 22nd March 2014
Fantastic! This product is superior, I have immense gratitude for this invention. Thank You!
Yalah 17th January 2014
11 out of 10 This is by Far the most superior e-cigarette out there. I have tried numerous variations & products and have always come back to Intellicig. This particular product however, is their best yet - I would choose this every time.
Roland 18th November 2013
Congratulations The Intellicig XL Clearomiser kit is one of the best Intellicig products ever & I've been using Intellicig almost two years without smoking. The XL battery is of a high quality and the clearomisers are excellent. Fantastic throat hit, fine taste and no leaks. Congratulations
Angela 14th November 2013
Happy With My Clearomiser I waited until I had used it for a few weeks and it's now official, I love it. No more constantly changing batteries or filling up with e-liquid. I just love it! Thank you!
Ellen 31st October 2013
Style & Substance! This is a beautifully made kit it's really easy to use, especially if you are new to using clearomiser systems; which are fantastic. The price and quality is excellent too, I recently purchased a leading model from the States, which has stood up to it's rave reviews absolutely fine... but it was more expensive along with shipping to the UK. Having them both side by side now (they're very similar) I don't know why I didn't buy this one first! I actually think it's even better! So, if you're weighing up which one to go for, I'd honestly go for the Intellicig XL you won't regret it, I promise! It's great quality and performs brilliantly - I'm very happy!
Sylviesinc 25th October 2013
Best ever! My husband has been a smoker for over 50 years until he finally discovered the XL Clearomiser and he hasn't looked back! It's clean, inexpensive and gives him the hit he needs whilst also being a whole lot better for his health, so thank you!
Lesley 19th October 2013
Great Bit Of Kit The XL Clearomiser Kit lasts longer than the previous XL I just wish you could produce a better case suitable for the Clearomiser as the tip tends to snap off when in my pocket, although it snaps back on fine. I've been using the Intellicig XL now for 4 months prior to that I was a chain smoker on 50 a day.
Jonny Deacon-Harris 11th October 2013
Superb One of the best if not the best electronic cigarettes around! You really do get your money's worth here an excellent product which hasn't broken on me like cheaper alternatives. No a bad word to say about it more smoke better hit than alternatives, and the battery seems to never run out. Would really recommend this, 5 stars!
David 11th October 2013
Quality Product Well made, no leaks! Requires cleaning after a while, but works very well. Although I'd like to see a shorter version available.
Paul 11th October 2013
The Intellicig XL has changed my life The XL I have been using for 2 months now has not let me down, the battery can easily last a day and the hit has led me not to need to buy cigarettes and can be used anywhere. This is the best Intellicig product so far and I can only wonder what future products are planned. Try the XL, you will not need any other product on the market! What a fantastic improvement on the previous e- cigarettes I have bought.
Raelene 11th October 2013
Amazing! I have been using Intellicig ecigs for about two years and I thought it couldn't get any better. I was wrong, the XL Clearomiser is better in every respect! The battery lasts a lot longer, so no fiddling, the Clearomisers are easier to refill and last longer as well. I am more than impressed.
Sarah 11th October 2013
Good Product! Purchased this a couple weeks ago, brilliant product. Battery lasts me all day and the larger capacity means I don't need to fill my e-cig every day.

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