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  • E-Cig Cartomiser and Express Kit Launched

    Intellicig’s latest UK launch of disposable cartomisers is designed to add another even more convenient option for UK smokers considering making the switch from ‘smoking to vaping’. It’s also an industry first in the UK. Electronic Cigarette Cartomisers combine both the vapourising device and the e-liquid to be vapourised in a single self-contained unit. Intellicig’s launch of the Cartomiser 5 Pack and the Cartomiser Express Kit is an ‘industry first’ – marking the first time that ECOpure e-liquid has been available in a disposable cartomiser unit in the UK. Continue reading →

  • Electronic Cigarette Research

    Intellicig has been at the forefront of electronic cigarette research for over 3 years. In conducting blood trials to determine product safety, Intellicig remains a flagship for research. Intellicig employs an in-house Phlebotomist to assist in trials of this nature. Intellicig has worked with a leading laboratory in the UK to determine the levels of nicotine delivered from the Intellicig to the user. These trials are essential as a method of ensuring the consumer is not put at risk from excessive nicotine levels. Continue reading →

  • Electronic Cigarettes Gaining Ground

    An exclusive US industry survey – the UBS-CSP Daily News poll - shows that more than three-quarters of retailers believe e-cigarettes will continue to grow as a category. "With cigarette smoke becoming socially and lawfully unacceptable in public facilities, e-cigs offer an alternative" one US retailer said. "Our society in general may not be so offended by nicotine as much as the smoke tobacco cigarettes create. Consumers like energy drinks and what they contain...so why not nicotine? I do think the category will grow considerably." Continue reading →

  • E-cigarettes ‘Coming of Age’

    Initially an Internet phenomenon, electronic cigarettes have their roots in China and first made their way to the west in the mid-1990s. Although still a niche retail product, exponential growth and innovative marketing have US industry experts and retailers alike bullish about the category’s potential. “It’s a fairly new category, and that’s what I find so exciting,” said Bonnie Herzog, senior market analyst at Wells Fargo. “I’m making some pretty big predictions. I think it’s possible that consumption of e-cigarettes could surpass that of traditional cigarettes within the next decade.” Continue reading →

  • Electronic cigarettes 'don’t harm the heart'

    29th August 2012 -- Electronic cigarettes do not appear to be bad for your heart, according to the first study to look at the effects of smoking e-cigarettes on heart function. Continue reading →

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