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As Stoptober ends, how many have quit smoking? Cover Image

As Stoptober ends, how many have quit smoking?

So Stoptober is over for another year, and today the organisers announced that 246,860 smokers had signed up to take part.

We congratulate anyone who successfully quit cigarettes over the course of Stoptober, but we know there are many more who are struggling to give up completely.

For those people, Intellicig offers a useful alternative, which replicates smoking but with no tobacco, virtually no tar and significantly fewer of the known harmful chemicals produced when burning tobacco. In addition, there is no second-hand smoke affecting the people around you and no smoke smell.

A large number of Intellicig customers began using our products after unsuccessfully trying to quit cigarettes. Last year we conducted a survey of 300 Intellicig customers, which showed that a remarkable 68% had stopped using tobacco products completely.

Please let us know what you think, head over to our Facebook or Twitter page. Did you take part in Stoptober? Or have you tried swapping instead of stopping?