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EU votes against medical classification for e-cigarettes Cover Image

EU votes against medical classification for e-cigarettes

The decision of the European Parliament to rule against the classification of electronic cigarettes as medicinal products has provoked worldwide debate.

Members of the European Parliament voted against proposals to classify e-cigarettes in this way, instead grouping them under the same banner as tobacco products, which would mean restrictions on sales to minors and advertising from 2014, although details of those measures have yet to be clarified.

The issue of classifying e-cigarettes as medicinal products is not concluded, however, since the UK’s Department of Health is still recommending medicinal classification of all nicotine-containing products (NCPs) in this country. This recommendation is based on research which showed wide variation in the ingredients of the e-liquids that e-cigarettes contain, a lack of transparency and a lack of consistency in terms of nicotine contents, even between products sold by a single brand.

In the meantime, the onus is on users of e-cigarettes to make informed choices about what they buy and inhale into their bodies. We recommend that anyone choosing an e-cigarette looks closely for a list of ingredients on the packaging and for evidence that the product has been rigorously researched, responsibly manufactured and regularly tested. At Intellicig, we are committed to all of these measures to ensure we offer our customers the best possible product as a remarkable substitute for smoking tobacco products, with significantly fewer of the known harmful chemicals.

Intellicig’s unique nicotine preparation, ECOpure, is manufactured to rigorous pharmaceutical standards within the company’s laboratories in Manchester. It is the only e-cigarette formulation that’s made to these standards in the UK. Production takes place in a cGMP ISO Class 8 clean room, using the simplest possible combination of pharmaceutical-standard ingredients – water, nicotine and glycerol – to ensure the purity of the product.

Intellicig’s parent company, CN Creative, is a bioscience company dedicated to the highest standards of product design, development and manufacture, and aims to enhance smoking harm reduction in the UK and internationally.