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The Electronic Car Revolution Cover Image

The Electronic Car Revolution

In this digital age, technological advancements are taking place constantly. Intellicig electronic cigarettes are battery powered, just like the latest generation of cars.

Electric cars have become much more advanced in recent years, with many well-known car manufacturers releasing their own pure electric cars including the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt. Renault launched the ‘Zoe’ electric car in June, marketed as a ‘fully electric compact city saloon’, the car looks like any other stylish hatchback and is built on the same platform as the Clio 4. Hailed as a revolution in electric cars. Some motoring experts have pointed out that one of the main advancements with the new Renault Zoe compared to other electric cars is that it looks good! If you were driving along on the motorway next to one of these new breed of purely electric cars you probably wouldn’t know it was electric. Previous electric cars were obviously electric and didn’t appeal to the wider consumer market.

Electric cars are powered by an electric battery which sits inside the car, they need recharging just as you would refill your car with petrol. As electric cars become a more affordable and attractive option for motorists there will no doubt be more charging facilities introduced across the UK. At the moment one of the major downsides to electric cars, is the lack of charging points, meaning you have to plan your journeys extremely carefully to avoid running out of power. The benefits of electric cars include a significant reduction in air pollution and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. A greener and cleaner option than petrol or diesel powered vehicles.

By ‘pure electric’ we mean they are fully electric, there are a number of hybrid cars available which use two or more power sources such as solar panels, electric batteries, hydrogen and petrol or diesel.  The sales of pure electric cars are increasing, with Japan accounting for 28% of global sales in 2012, followed by the United States with 26%, then China, France and Norway.

So with more people choosing to go electric and swap their car for an electric car, it seems the electronic car revolution has begun. Intellicig electronic cigarettes are battery powered and like electric cars require recharging (unless you are using a disposable model).  We stock a number of different Intellicig chargers and if you are new to electronic cigarettes our starter kit contains everything you need to begin vaping. Our products contain ECOpure, one of the cleanest and purest e-liquids available.