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Introducing the XL Clearomiser… Cover Image

Introducing the XL Clearomiser…

We have an exciting new addition coming soon to the Intellicig range of electronic cigarette accessories… the XL Clearomiser!

You can pre-order the new XL Clearomiser accessory and receive £5 off an XL battery. If you subscribe to our mailing list you should see an email popping up in your mail box with the discount details. If you are not a subscriber, you can pre-order with us over the phone to receive the £5 discount.

The XL Clearomiser will be part of our Professional Series and work with the Intellicig XL battery. The Intellicig Professional Series is currently made up of the XC and the XL. The Professional range is designed to offer an enhanced vaping experience and let you stay charged for longer whilst out and about. The superior longer-lasting batteries and extra ECOpure refill capacity mean you can vape even longer, without any interruptions.

The XC is available in either black or white, and is designed to let you vape for longer without having to re-charge the battery. The longer-lasting battery and clever mobile charging case means your e-cigarette keeps going whilst you are out and about. The charging case which comes with the XC is a neat, compact case which can be charged through a mains plug, and then you simply put your XC inside the case to charge it when you need to. You can also charge your XC using the handy USB charger which means you can charge the battery through your laptop or computer. The XC kit contains ten ECOpure refills, two vapour devices, two batteries, a mobile charging case, USB charger, and mains plug charger. It has everything you need to use your e-cigarette on the go.

The XL has a sleek and stylish design and offers an enhanced vaping experience. The XL model produces a substantial amount of vapour and provides a more intense ‘hit’ than some of the other products in our Intellicig electronic cigarette range. The XL kit comes with two XL e-cigarettes, five tank capsules, 10ml of ECOpure e-liquid, USB charger and a mains plug charger. There is nothing more annoying than realising your e-cigarette has run out of battery when you are out of the house, with the professional series not only do they last longer, you have everything you need to charge on the go if you need to.

The Clearomiser is a new accessory designed to work alongside the Intellicig XL. You can attach the Clearomiser to the XL battery and it provides even larger refill capabilities meaning you can vape for longer. This clever accessory will be available as a two pack priced at £12.99 – you will need the Intellicig XL device to use the Clearomiser as it will replace the XL vapouriser, cone and base.

Keep your eyes peeled for our new XL Clearomiser!