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Using Your Intellicig Electronic Cigarette On Holiday Cover Image

Using Your Intellicig Electronic Cigarette On Holiday

Are you are planning a holiday abroad this summer? Unlike here in the UK, some countries have made the decision to ban electronic cigarettes. So how do you know where you can and can’t use your Intellicig? We have put together some helpful information about using your Intellicig e-cigarette abroad.

Electronic cigarettes are legal here in the UK and are not affected by the UK smoking ban; however, across the continent in Europe some countries have taken the decision to ban them from use in public places and do not allow them.

Countries that have banned e-cigarettes include: Austria, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and, Turkey. Finland have issued a partial ban: e-liquid containing less than 0.42 g per bottle can be brought into the country for private use.The French government recently announced plans to ban electronic cigarettes and subject them to the same restrictions as tobacco cigarettes. However, currently e-cigarettes are still allowed in France.

Unfortunately there is no Europe wide policy in place regarding the use of e-cigarettes – it depends on which country you are planning on visiting whether or not you can vape in public, which means things can get a little confusing.

Other European countries including Poland, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Prague, Moscow and Estonia all allow the use of e-cigarettes in public. If you are visiting the Ukraine you can vape but not in public. If you are heading over to Germany or the Netherlands you can use your Intellicig freely. If you are holidaying in the Mediterranean this summer, you can vape in Italy, Portugal, Spain and Malta.

If you are heading further afield to the USA things get more complicated – each state has individual laws on the use of electronic cigarettes. We suggest that you check the USA embassy website for information on individual states: http://london.usembassy.gov/rctour.html

Currently e-cigarettes are legal in Australia, although it is up to the discretion of businesses whether they allow the use of electric cigarettes indoors. Again we recommend you check before vaping inside.

Another thing to consider if you use a rechargeable Intellicig e-cigarette is making sure that you have an adapter or the correct plug for your Intellicig charger. We stock mains adapter chargers, in three different formats – UK, EU and US. Our UK three pronged plugs can be used in the UK, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, Singapore and Hong Kong. EU plugs have two round pins and can be used in the majority of European, African, Middle Eastern and South American countries. Our US adapter plugs have two flat pins and can be used in North America and Australia.

Flying with e-cigarettes

The majority of airlines enforce their own regulations on the use of electronic cigarettes. Most airlines do not allow the use of e-cigarettes whilst on a plane. It is always best to check your airlines policy prior to checking-in.

If you wish to take you e-cigarette on-board with you, again check with the airline – you may have to place you Intellicig in a clear plastic bag to comply with airline regulations and check any e-liquid refills you wish to take are under the legal limit for liquids allowed on a plane.  Our soft leather-effect carry case is perfect for protecting your Intellicig electronic cigarette during travel and keeping everything together in one place.

Wherever you are holidaying this summer have a great time!