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Intellicig welcomes MHRA e-cigarette regulation plans Cover Image

Intellicig welcomes MHRA e-cigarette regulation plans

The announcement of plans to regulate e-cigarettes as medicinal products has provoked a lot of discussion over the past few days and Intellicig’s parent company CN Creative is seeking to reassure customers of its strong position on this issue.

Having invested considerably in procedures, staff, research and testing over the past few years, CN Creative is confident of meeting the criteria proposed by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA). This is an organisation that CN Creative has been liaising with since its inception, to ensure the highest possible standards of quality and good practice in the products it produces and the way they are produced.

Existing customers will be aware that ECOpure, the unique nicotine formulation contained within Intellicig products, is manufactured under laboratory conditions at the company’s bioscience headquarters in Manchester. Ingredients are sourced from renowned partners who also supply widely-used NRT products such as patches and gums. These are all compliant with European pharmaceutical standards and the contents are consistent, clear and precisely labeled. The company’s long list of credentials includes a Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice.

Not all manufacturers apply the same standards, however, which is why the MHRA Identified significant variations in the level of nicotine contained in some products.

The MHRA reported that the quality of nicotine containing products (NCPs) such as e-cigarettes “can vary significantly, which is why licensing them as medicines will allow people to have the confidence that they are safe, are of the right quality and work”.

The MHRA report goes on to say: “The UK Government will press for EU law to create a Europe-wide legal position on NCPs as medicines through the revision of the Tobacco Products Directive. The European Commission has said it expects the new legislation to be adopted in 2014 and for it to come into effect in the UK from 2016. From that point, all NCPs will require a medicine licence. This will allow time for manufacturers to ensure that their products meet the safety, quality and efficacy requirements of a medicine.”

Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive of health charity ASH added: “Regulation will ensure that e-cigarettes meet the same standards for quality, safety and efficacy as medicines, while remaining as readily available to smokers as they are today.”