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Intellicig Survey Discovers The Most Annoying Office Habits Cover Image

Intellicig Survey Discovers The Most Annoying Office Habits

Laziness, gossiping and smoking – Intellicig survey finds three office habits that drive colleagues up the wall.

From failing to make tea to wasting time on Facebook, our office colleagues have many ways of driving us mad. But nothing makes us lose our cool quite like laziness.

That's according to a recent survey commissioned by Intellicig, which quizzed 500 British workers about their colleagues' most annoying habits.

Laziness was rated as the most testing trait by nearly a third of respondents, while 15% said gossiping got their goat, and 10% cited smoking as their biggest irritation.

The next most common gripes were loud chatting, mobile ringtones and poor timekeeping.

The fact that one in ten of us are more annoyed by smoking than anything else is no surprise since the same survey found that nearly three-quarters of non-smokers claimed their smoking colleagues got away with doing less work as a result of regular cigarette breaks and days off.

As one of the UK's most trusted electronic cigarette brands we commissioned the survey to find out where smoking ranked in the list of biggest office irritations. Intellicig electronic cigarette devices represent a possible solution. E-cigarettes are excluded from the smoking ban because they are smoke-free, odour-free and do not carry any threat of passive smoking. They deliver a measured amount of ECOpure e-liquid solution which is inhaled by users.

Head of Intellicig Europe, Anthony Sefton said: I think it’s a good thing that we're annoyed by laziness – it shows that the vast majority of us are very conscientious and dislike seeing a small minority of colleagues evading their responsibilities. In fact, the driven and determined attitude of most British workers is one reason why we’re proud to have our headquarters in the UK, where all our research, product development, innovation, sales and customer service operations are centred.

What's more, the focus of our work is about providing a solution to that other common source of irritation – smoking. The fact that the smoking ban has stopped smoking in workplaces is great, but it creates a new issue as smokers are regularly stepping outside for cigarette breaks.

Our Intellicig devices offer a very useful alternative. Being free of nasty odours and tobacco smoke, they are excluded from the smoking ban and can be safely used indoors in most places, as long as a manager consents. That’s a huge step forward for smokers who want to satisfy their nicotine cravings in a less risky and less disruptive manner.