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Why Are Electronic Cigarettes Exempt From The UK Smoking Ban Cover Image

Why Are Electronic Cigarettes Exempt From The UK Smoking Ban

Electronic cigarettes have featured a lot in the press recently with many articles discussing the benefits of electronic cigarettes. But what is an electronic cigarette? Electronic cigarettes are devices which work through heating or vaporising a water-based e-liquid solution that is then inhaled by the user. They replicate the physical act of smoking tobacco cigarettes but without the harmful chemicals. When using an e-cigarette it is the same action as smoking traditional cigarettes, the same hand to mouth action and you get a similar "hit" at the back of your throat when inhaling the vapour.

Why are electronic cigarettes exempt from the UK smoking ban?

Tobacco cigarettes release over 4,500 different chemicals. The smoking ban protects non-smokers and ensures they are not forced to inhale any of the dangerous chemicals present in second hand smoke. The only thing released from an e-cigarette is a water mist. As they don’t release any smoke or harmful chemicals electronic cigarettes are not affected by the UK smoking ban. This means you can smoke electronic cigarettes on public transport, in the office, in restaurants and bars. No more standing outside in the cold or rain to smoke.

At Intellicig we have a wide range of different e-cigarette devices and products all of which are exempt from the UK smoking ban. We have disposable and refillable electronic cigarettes, all of our e-cigarettes and electronic cigarette refills contain our ECO-pure e-liquid.