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The Technology Behind Intellicig Electronic Cigarettes Cover Image

The Technology Behind Intellicig Electronic Cigarettes

Intellicig electronic cigarettes are at the forefront of e-cigarette technology. At Intellicig we invest in all of the latest technology to ensure we are able to offer you an enhanced vaping experience. Our electronic cigarette kits provide you with all the technology you need to start vaping straight away. We have a range of electronic cigarette starter kits ideal if you are new to electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are made up of three main parts:

The rechargeable lithium ion battery component powers the electronic cigarette device and allows the vapour device to heat the e-liquid. All Intellicig batteries have a 10 second cut-off feature. This means if the battery is activated for more than 10 seconds the microprocessor will automatically turn off to prevent the device from overheating. It then allows a few more seconds for the vapour device to fully cool down before returning to normal standby mode.  We added this clever feature to help our electronic cigarette devices last longer.

Intellicig batteries are re-chargeable and we stock a number of different chargers including a USB charger and an in-car charger.

We have two sizes of battery to fit our range of devices, the mighty atom and the genie battery. The mighty atom battery comes as standard in all of our white e-cigarette kits.

Vapour Device:
The vapour device is a consumable component designed for heating the e-liquid solution and turning it into a water vapour that can then be inhaled. It is heated and cooled every time you use your electronic cigarette device. It is always a good idea to have a spare vapour device ready for when yours needs replacing. We stock three different colours of vapour devices and each fit all of our Intellicig electronic cigarettes.

Refill Capsule:
The refill capsule contains the ECO-pure e-liquid solution. Our e-liquid refill capsules are available in a range of flavours and strengths of nicotine content. The capsule holds the e-liquid solution and when you use an electronic cigarette the liquid is heated in the vapour device and vaporised into a mist. The refill capsule also acts as a mouthpiece to inhale the vapourised e-liquid through. Refill capsules are an affordable way of smoking electronic cigarettes. Simply unscrew the capsule when it is empty and bin it, then replace with a new capsule.

There a number of different Intellicig electronic cigarette kits available. For more information on our electronic cigarette starter kits give one of our advisors a call today.