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E-Cig Cartomiser and Express Kit Launched Cover Image

E-Cig Cartomiser and Express Kit Launched

Intellicig’s latest UK launch of disposable cartomisers is designed to add another even more convenient option for UK smokers considering making the switch from ‘smoking to vaping’. It’s also an industry first in the UK.

Electronic Cigarette Cartomisers combine both the vapourising device and the e-liquid to be vapourised in a single self-contained unit. Intellicig’s launch of the Cartomiser 5 Pack and the Cartomiser Express Kit is an ‘industry first’ – marking the first time that ECOpure e-liquid has been available in a disposable cartomiser unit in the UK.

Only Intellicig Cartomisers use the highest grade, laboratory-tested ECOpure E-liquid, developed especially by Intellicig. All ECOpure Electronic Cigarette Cartomisers are made to exacting cGMP standards.

Intellicig Cartomisers can be used with either Genie or Atom batteries.

They come in a standard brown colour and contain the most popular ECOpure e-liquid, the classic ECOpure Regular Tobacco flavour at industry standard 3% nicotine strength.

Intellicig Cartomisers are disposables designed for maximum convenience as they are not refillable and can be safely (and responsibly!) thrown away when finished.

When used with a suitable battery, each Intellicig Cartomiser is equivalent to a pack of 20 cigarettes. Intellicig’s Cartomiser 5 Pack of disposables is priced at £16.00 and designed to give customers the ‘convenient quality vaping’ equivalent of 100 cigarettes.

Intellicig’s Cartomiser Express Kit priced at £34.99 adds Intellicig’s white Genie battery and a Mains Battery Charger to 6 Intellicig Cartomisers. Each Cartomiser comes in an attractive brown finish and, when connected to the battery, is equivalent to 20 standard cigarettes. The Express Kit which contains 6 Cartomisers therefore provides the ECOpure e-liquid equivalent to 120 cigarettes.

The package also includes all the chargeable Intellicig battery power needed for long-term e-cig enjoyment – and all for an extremely reasonable £34.99.