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Electronic Cigarette Research Cover Image

Electronic Cigarette Research

Intellicig has been at the forefront of electronic cigarette research for over 3 years. In conducting blood trials to determine product safety, Intellicig remains a flagship for research. Intellicig employs an in-house Phlebotomist to assist in trials of this nature.

Intellicig has worked with a leading laboratory in the UK to determine the levels of nicotine delivered from the Intellicig to the user. These trials are essential as a method of ensuring the consumer is not put at risk from excessive nicotine levels.

Intellicig has conducted trials on test groups with a variety of ECOpure preparations to establish safe limits of use.

Stability Testing

Product shelf life is the key to ensuring consumer safety. Intellicig have conducted stability studies following the International Conference of Harmonisation (ICH) Guidelines for stability testing.

CN Creative have set acceptance criteria for product shelf life based on the British Pharmacopoeia acceptance for nicotine products for inhalation, which is legally binding for medicinal products. By setting strict acceptance criteria, CN Creative have further increased the safety of Intellicig. This practice has not been adopted by other electronic-cigarette suppliers or

Unlike other manufacturers of electronic cigarette e-liquid preparations, Intellicig have focused on manufacturing technique rather than the addition of preservatives to increase product shelf life. Intellicig believe that consumer safety should come first and the addition of preservative ingredients is not necessarily the first step in increasing product shelf life.

Vapour Analysis

There has been reported concern on the safety of vapour created by electronic cigarettes and the uncertainty of what happens to “e-liquid” when it is vaporised.

The company has conducted vapour analysis of ECOpure produced from the Intellicig in line with test methods carried out by the FDA.

CN Creative are committed to the safety of its products and have exceeded the testing conducted by the FDA to assess all potential breakdown products of electronic cigarettes. CN Creative have
commissioned an MHRA audited lab to test for these chemicals using Gas-Chromatography-Mass-Spectroscopy and Liquid Chromatography-Ultra-Violet Detection. This testing further demonstrates CN Creatives commitment to product quality and safety.

Gas Chromatography Mass-Spectroscopy (GCMS) has also been conducted in an independent third party MHRA audited lab on the vapour produced from ECOpure.

Results from this independent analysis showed no signs of any harmful chemicals or the reaction of nicotine with any of the recipients of ECOpure.

The results illustrated that the vapour contained the same ingredients as the neat ECOpure.