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Intellicig Introduces Certificates of Analysis for ECOpure Cover Image

Intellicig Introduces Certificates of Analysis for ECOpure

World leading e-cigarette and Ecopure E-Liquid manufacturer Intellicig has again set the benchmark for the industry by introducing Certificates of Analysis... for every batch of ECOpure produced at the company's laboratory within the Bioscience facility at UMIC where the company is tenure resident.

The 'assay and related substance detection' is carried out using Intellicig’s Agilent 1100 HPLC system, enabling Intellicig’s global customer base to be absolutely confident in the purity and quality standards of ECOpure.

Intellicig have invested heavily in developing a test method worthy of Good Manufacturing approval. The test method, which checks for impurities, is based around European Pharmacopoeia monographs for nicotine detection.

David Lawson, Intellicig’s Regulatory Manager, commented, “Our significant investment into the HPLC system clearly demonstrates our desire to consistently set standards for others to emulate. We believe we are the only e-liquid manufacturer able to provide this level of product quality. ECOpure packaging will also reflect this standard of excellence with the addition of an HPLC stamp.”

This latest development is one of a series due to be rolled out by Intellicig’s Research & Development team over the next few months.

For more information contact Trudy Sefton on 0845 527 6115 or at trudy.degroot@intellicig.com