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Starter Kit


The Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit from Intellicig contains everything you need to get started – Battery, Vapour Device, USB Charger and 5 Regular 10MG Electronic Cigarette Refill Capsules (equivalent to approximately 30 cigarettes) – to make the transition from ‘cig to Intellicig’.



Purchase our Starter Kit today & you’ll receive 10 extra Refill Capsules! All you need to do is add the Starter Kit & your choice of 10 Refill Capsules to your basket! The £7.99 discount will automatically be applied. Please note: This offer is one use per customer only.

Intellicig is a 3-section device that vaporises a tiny amount of liquid and replicates the sensation of smoking with impressive accuracy.

As well as being a cleaner, less harmful alternative to inhaling burning tobacco, Intellicig also delivers great taste, with a range of strengths, flavours and the ‘throat hit’ sensation appreciated by smokers everywhere.

The Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit from Intellicig comes in White.


Features of the Starter Kit:

As well as the vapour device and battery, the Starter Kit has a USB charger, enabling you to recharge your batteries from any USB socket – on your computer, laptop etc.

Your Intellicig Starter Kit also includes 5 electronic cigarette refill capsules for you to sample, the equivalent of approximately 30 cigarettes. The refills contain our ECOpure E-Liquid which is manufactured right here in the UK.

The Intellicig Experience should be a natural and comfortable transition to the intelligent alternative to smoking. Take it at your own pace and allow time to adjust to the slightly different technique and flavour.

As a new user of Intellicig’s leading edge products, we want you to be absolutely confident in all aspects of your purchase. Every new customer is allocated one of our Support Team Advisors who are here to answer any queries you may have.

The longer you go without a cigarette the more you will experience the freedom that Intellicig offers and you will soon be able to enjoy fresh breath and fresh clothes.

You don't need to give up, just upgrade to the cleaner, socially acceptable alternative.

  • 5 x Refill Capsules + 10 FREE!*
  • 1 x Intellicig Battery
  • 1 x Vapour Device
  • 1 x USB Charger
Cheryl 23rd March 2014
Superior Quality It has been over 2 years now thanks to this product after trying a cheaper alternative, this is the only quality reliable product that really does what it says thank you so much. Your customer service is second to none and the offers you give are great xx
Aaron 23rd March 2014
Really Good Really glad I purchased this product feels and looks like a cigarette, don't have to worry about it running out of battery when I'm out as it lasts for ages
Joseph Ronald 22nd March 2014
Best Buy I've Ever Made I purchased my first Intellicig 14 months ago, it's all I have used since.
Rafa 22nd March 2014
Absolutely Amazing The bonus is that not only is it less expensive and a much healthier option, I can vape almost anywhere! What a fantastic product!
Brian 22nd March 2014
Brilliant!!!!! I've tried all the alternatives and none have worked for me until I tried this! I actually prefer my electric cigarette!
Sally 13th March 2014
Starter Kit Amazing value product. I switched to Intellicig over a year ago!
Joanna 16th January 2014
Best Thing I've Ever Bought I've had electronic cigarettes before but this is by far the best! Its thin and lighter than the others, so you feel like you are holding a real one.
Jose Luis 15th January 2014
High Quality One of the best products I've ever ordered!
Martin 9th January 2014
10 Free Refill Capsules THIS IS THE DEAL OF THE YEAR!!!! And it's only January! I have been vaping over a year now and have used many different e-cigarettes from different companies and Intellicig are by far the best e-cigs I have used. Their site is easy to use and they offer a great reward points system which is basically 10% back. I honestly believe Intellicig electronic cigarettes are the best on the market.
Jeffrey 8th January 2014
Fantastic A good friend bought me the starter pack for Christmas so I thought I would give it a try. Much to my surprise it is fantastic and I've smoked for about 50 years!
Xiaoming 8th January 2014
Good choice! Good one! Highly Recommended!
Styn 5th January 2014
Excellent Clean and smooth taste, the best I've tried.
Andrea 6th November 2013
Great Product I got this starter pack the other day and was blown away when I tried it! I will be sticking to this as it's really satisfying, I give it 5 stars.. Well done, highly recommend.
Kerry 17th October 2013
The best thing I have ever bought This is the best thing I've ever bought, I found the 10mg just a bit weak but the 15mg rich was just right! I'm now back down the the 10mg. I can't fault the service and I would recommend this product to all my friends.
Kyle88 12th October 2013
Fab E-cig This starter kit is fab, it includes everything you need, plus I'm still on my first pack of refills they last a good amount of time. I'd definitely recommend this product, it takes some getting used to but no more smoke smell around the house, car and clothes!
Xaxooo 11th October 2013
Great Quality It is surely the best kit you can find on the market!
Chrissie 11th October 2013
Best thing I ever did I have been using my electronic cigarette for over a year now & I have never looked back. I use it now far less than when I first started, so my vaping is costing me just a couple of pounds a week. I feel great, have more money in my pocket, no smelly clothes, no smelly breath, and my husband says I am a lot nicer to kiss... Thank you Intellicig!!
Sam 11th October 2013
Great! I was bought this as a gift at a time when I had no real intention of using e-cigs, nevertheless, here I am 3 weeks down the line and it totally hits the cravings and I feel way better! Battery life and build quality are great. Converted!
Kel Supreeze 11th October 2013
Very effective I was bought this as a gift at a time when I had no real intention of using an electronic cigarette, nevertheless, here I am 3 weeks down the line! It totally hits the cravings and the battery life and build quality are great. Converted!
Frances 10th October 2013
Excellent I started using this product in February 2013 and I can honestly say I would recommend it to any smoker. I use the menthol ones & they're great, thank you Intellicig.

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